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History of the Present Timeline Works Cited

Ballotpedia. “Hopwood v. Texas.” Ballotpedia, https://ballotpedia.org/Hopwood_v._Tex as#:~:text=Texas%20was%20a%20case%20ruled,to%20admit%20to%20the%20university.  Biertempfel, Maddie. “North Dakota House Passes Bill Banning Critical Race Theory.” KX NEWS, KX NEWS, 15 Nov. 2021, https://www.kxnet.com/news/local-news/north- dakota-house-passes-bill-banning-critical-race-theory/#:~:text=North%20Dakota’s%20House%20of%20Representatives,society%20and%20contributing%20to%20inequality.  “Board of Education of Oklahoma City Public Schools v. Dowell.” Oyez, http://www.oyez.org /cases/1990/89-1080. Accessed 10 May. 2022. Cineas, Fabiola. “Critical Race Theory, and Trump’s War on It, Explained.” … Continue reading History of the Present Timeline Works Cited

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